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HowNow X HUB API Release Notes

7 April 2022

Improvements for handling archived files | BF-1098

Email Manager security updates | BF-1171

15 December 2021 

Improvements when migrating HNDR files | BF-949

Add ability to have service accounts for authorisation with third party integrations (requires new version of HNX) | BF-789

Manager and signatory now coming through when adding a file through Hub | BF-570

July 2021 v1.0.737

Hotfix for Internal Importer | DM-150

July 2021 v1.0.724

GET /v2/records/clientrecords/{clientId}

- Fixed BadRequest error

June 2021 v1.0.635

POST /v2/records/clientrecord

parameter changes:

  • Status  StatusId

GET /v2/client/clientlist

returns empty object instead of 404 when:

  • No clients to return
  • Max page exceeded

GET /v2/records/clientrecords

returns empty object instead of 404 when:

  • No records to return
  • Max page exceeded

GET /v2/records/clientrecords/{clientId}

parameter changes:

  • dateType now uses enDMum instead of constants

        prev: dateadded, datecreated, datefinalised, datemodified

    new: Modified, Created, Added, Finalised

  • dateRange → dateFrom

        Takes datetime rather than range string

June 2021 v1.0.556

POST /v2/records/clientrecord

  • keywords option added
  • valid message returned when filenames are longer than 80 characters
  • increased upload file size limit to 100Mb

GET - /v2/Records/clientrecords/{clientId}

  • fixed client records pagination
  • vastly improved speed of client records endpoint

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