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HowNow Supporting Apps Release Notes

April 2021

Office Add-in, Email Manager, File Helper Service


  • Upgrade to TLS version for Email Manager, Office Add-In and File Helper Service | HNS-863
  • File Helper Service will send an email to the Employee logged into HowNow Portal setting if a document can't be downloaded after 20 attempts | HH-3893

November 2020

DataSync -

  • Move to new API for Xero Practice Manager and WorkflowMax - requires administrators to reconnect and authorise the connection with a Xero Practice Manager or WorkflowMax account | HO-1343 
  • Added multi-tenant support for Xero Connections | HNX-842

October 2020

Email Manager -

  • Updates in line with new HowNow X version
  • User Interface updates | HNS-819

June 2020

Email Manager -

  • Don't show HowNow custom email properties when printing an email | HNS-721
  • Update options in Email Manager | HNS-476 | HNS-791
  • Automatic updates are now using the name of add-in not a random GUID. This is to help with Anti-Virus exception rules | HNS-498
  • External Device feature is now turned on by default | HNS-614
  • [Fix] Improved DPI awareness for Email Manager forms | HNS-569
  • [Improvement] Naming the upgrade file to match HowNow Email Manager.exe so that proxies and network admins can ignore this file and allow it to be installed | HNS - 642
  • [Fix] Resolved an issue where the profile box was still appearing even if no was selected on the prompt | HNS-632
  • [Fix] Incompatibility issue with Barracuda Essentials | HNS-470

Mar 2020

Office Add-In -

  • Documents already saved in HowNow can no longer be saved again using the Office Addin button | HH-2095

Sept 2019

File Helper Service -


  • Added support for single character index settings | HNS-586 
  • TLS security update | HNS-694
  • For Portal downloads: Employees marked as Signatories for the Client will be assigned to new Record from the Portal. If Signatory isn't found the Client Partner will be assigned as the Signatory for the record | HNS-516

Sept 2019

  • ContactDataRefresh utility can now use a 'Last Modified Date' option to only update external client data for clients that have pending changes | HN5-1232

Sept 2019


initial Xeppo integration with HNOP DataSync | HNS-677

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