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Only Administrators or Content Administrators can perform this function.

Creating a New Content Module:

Select File > Administration > Knowledge > Content Modules. The Content Module Select dialog appears.

  • Click New. The Content Module Details dialog appears.
  • Enter in the Content Module field a code of 10 or fewer characters (including spaces).
  • Enter a Description that more fully explains what the Content Module will contain.
  • Leave the Content Release at 0 (zero).
  • Leave the Date Received field as it is. It is used later to record when the last content update was received.
  • Leave the Automatically receive this content checkbox unticked. This option specifies which of the content products you receive from Business Fitness is the main product.
  • Select the Default content module checkbox if you want this content module to appear as the default product on the HowNow Content Module drop-down list in Knowledge.
  • Select the Firm content option to specify that this content module is the content your firm creates or edits. Selecting this option causes the content module to be attached to any new items you add to the HowNow database.
  • Click OK.

The Content Module will now exist in the database, but at this point, no Items (documents) have been assigned to the new Content Module. This is the next step outlined bel.

Assigning an Item (document) to a Content Module

  • Search for the Item in HowNow Knowledge so that it appears in the search results list.
  • Right-click on the Item and select Profile. The "Edit Document Profile" dialog will appear.
  • Go to the Advanced tab.
  • Click the New button that is next to Content Module list (middle of the screen). The "Content Module Select" dialog will appear.
  • Select the row containing the Content Module to which you wish to assign the Item, and then click the Assign button. The Content Module Select dialog will close, returning you to the "Edit Document Profile" dialog. Notice that the Content Module you assigned is now listed in the Content Module list. Note: Click once on the row to select it—do not double-click the row. Double-clicking the row is equivalent to clicking the Edit button—this will instead display the Content Module Details dialog.
  • Click OK.

Remove an Item (document) from a Content Module

  • Search for the Item in HowNow in the Knowledge area so that it appears in the search results list.
  • Right-click on the Item and select Profile. The Edit Profile dialog will appear, displaying the Profile tab.
  • Click on the Advanced tab.
  • Click in the Content Release column of the relevant row in the Content Module list so that the cursor is flashing in the Content Release column, next to the relevant Content Module.
  • Click the Remove button. The Confirm dialog appears.
  • Check that the correct Content Module appears on the Confirm dialog, and then click Yes. Note: This action does not delete the Content Module from the database. It simply removes this Item from the Content Module.
  • The Confirm dialog will close, returning you to the Edit Profile dialog. Notice that the Content Module you removed from the Item is no longer listed in the Content Module list.
  • Click OK.

Winding Back a Content Module

Occasionally you may need to repeat the download of a Content Update – e.g. if you accidentally deleted some Items. Select File > Administration > Knowledge > Content Modules from the menu. The Content Module Select dialog appears.

  • Select the content module you would like to re-download, then click Edit. The Content Module Details dialog appears.
  • Edit the Content Release field to reduce the number back to the appropriate Content Update number. For example, if you are up to Content Release 200, but you wish to download Content Updates 198 and 199 again, edit the Content Release number back to 197.
  • Click OK when complete, and then click Close to exit the Content Module Select dialog.
  • Select File > System Tools > General > Content Updates from the menu to re-download the Content Updates.

Publishing Content Updates
This option is only available if you have the module HowNow Publisher which is required for publishing of your organisation’s own Content Updates.

This is appropriate for organisations that have multiple offices and are therefore running HowNow on multiple local area networks (LANs).

It is also appropriate for multi-office organisations that have teams in different locations who have different expertise. For example, a team in one city might be highly skilled in one particular topic, and therefore should write and maintain your organisation’s content within this topic. This team can then publish to your organisation’s other offices, Content Updates in this topic.

Note: For other users to receive your published content, they must have the same web site user name and password settings as specified in your File > Options > Updates tab.

Note: Users who receive your published content cannot receive Business Fitness content products directly; this content must be re-published along with your organisation’s other content.

Note: Documents must be Current, Approved and set to Publishable before they can be published.


Content Update Publish Procedure


  • Receive a content update from Business Fitness and perform the usual review process.
  • Make the reviewed and accepted items current by selecting them, right-clicking and choosing Set Edition Status to Current.
  • Add the current reviewed items to the content module ‘Our Firm’s Content’ or the content module that is currently selected as your firm’s content module and make sure that the setting Always Publish Document is checked and that they are Approved.

    3.1 Select the current reviewed items, right-click them and choose Profile Selected. The Edit Selected Item Profiles wizard dialog will appear. Click Next.
    3.2  The Select Edit Fields page will appear. Check the Always Publish option, the Approval Status option and the Content Module option and click Next.
    3.3  The Edit Fields page will appear. Check the Always Publish option, set the Approval Status to Approved (the default) and click Next.
    3.4  The second Edit Fields page will appear. In the To Attach field in the Content Module section, choose your firm’s content module.
    3.5  Set the required content number and click Next.
    3.6  Click Finish to complete the process.

  • At the search results screen, set the content module and number filter and note the number of documents selected. This is the number of documents that will be published.


  • Select Publish from the Knowledge Ribbon. The Publisher dialog will appear.
  • Choose your firm’s content module (Our Firm’s Content) from the Content Module drop-down.
  • Enter the appropriate Update Number. This number is automatically incremented when the content is successfully published to the web.
    Note: HowNow will display the number of documents it is about to publish. This should match the number of documents notes in step 4 above.
    If it does not, check that you are publishing the right content module and number and that all documents to be published are current, Approved and set to Always Publish.  
  • Select the Upload to the Web checkbox if you wish to make the Content Update available for download. If you leave this checkbox unselected, you can create the files required for the Content Update, but run the Content Update locally on your own network, to test it and make sure it runs as expected before uploading the Content Update files to the web.
  • Click Publish. The files will now be uploaded to a secure location on the web site.
  • Click Close when the upload is complete.
  • If you experience any difficulties, contact the Business Fitness Support Team.

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