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How do I associate a PDF program for documents in HowNow?

If PDFs are opening in a different program to what you prefer, or you are receiving a "No Open Command Found for PDF in Windows" error, the steps below will explain how to change or associate a PDF program to documents in HowNow.

We recommend that your IT department completes this process as the registry is a sensitive system location.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Software can change the Registry Keys at any time, including with updates, you may need to repeat these steps if the key changes.

  1. Search and open "Regedit" in Windows.
  2. Expand "HKEY_Classes_Root".
  3. Scroll down the list and find the correct program name.
    • For Adobe Acrobat Reader the key will be a variation of AcroExch.Document.DC or AcroExch.Document.7
    • For Nitro PDF the key will be a variation of NitroPDF.Document or NitroPDF.Document.9
    • For Foxit Reader the key will be a variation of FoxitReader.Document
    • For Foxit PhantomPDF the key will be a variation of FoxitPhantom.Document or FoxitPhantomPDF.Document
    • You can find a comprehensive list here:

  4. Once found, expand the folder to make sure Shell > Open > Command exists and is the correct path to the executable.

  5. Take note of the key name. (e.g. AcroExch.Document.DC)
  6. Locate the .PDF key and click it, don't expand. (HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.pdf)
    Note: If you are needing to change this for a single user on a multi-user machine, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\.pdf. If this key isn't present, you can create it.
  7. Double-click on "(Default)" and paste the key name into the "Value Data" field.

  8. Click "OK".

If you require further assistance after following these steps please log a support ticket.

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