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HowNow Open Files - InUseBy

Upon opening HowNow, and if HowNow did not close cleanly, you may have some documents still considered open by the software.

This dialog box will list the files HowNow thinks are still 'InUse'. Select the documents individually or 'Select All', and 'Close Selected' to close the documents cleanly in the system. These documents can then be reopened in HowNow.

Upon closing HowNow, if files remain open, or Microsoft is holding a document open in the system, HowNow will provide the Open Files dialog box for managing the InUseBy field.

This dialog box will list the open files. Click on a file to 'Force Close'. 'Refresh' to show documents that have been closed and are still open and 'OK' to close the dialog box.

WARNING: To prevent loss of data it is recommended that you close and save each document normally.

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